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A portfolio of blood tests developed to assess the risk of ovarian cancer in any woman with an adnexal mass.

Adnexal masses present a unique diagnostic dilemma. For the first time, healthcare providers have a set of blood tests that – when combined with their clinical experience, ultrasound, and the patient’s history – allow them to confidently develop a medical management plan and include the right specialists at the right time.

The OvaSuiteSM portfolio of blood tests applies proprietary algorithms incorporating patient features (such as menopausal status) and the levels of up to 7 biomarkers in the blood.

Protein/ Function chart

OvaSuite risk assessment tests offer the following to healthcare providers and their patients:

  • Enhanced provider confidence in the chosen medical management plan
  • Efficient triaging of specialist referrals for only higher risk patients
  • Reduced patient anxiety through improved information about malignancy risk
  • Avoidance of potentially unnecessary or premature surgeries

Whether a healthcare provider is performing an initial clinical assessment or planning for surgery, OvaSuite has a tool to help them confidently develop a management plan for all points along the healthcare journey. These results, when combined with the providers judgment, imaging and patient history, provide better clinical insight over the single biomarker tests used in the past.

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Expert Consultation is available for those who have already ordered an OvaSuite test as part of the Aspira Women’s Health Suite of Services.

Utilize the OvaSuite portfolio of products and confidently move from assessment to action.

A single blood draw – which can be performed at a number of national and regional laboratories or in a healthcare provider's offices using our proprietary testing kit – is all that is needed. 

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