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About Aspira Women’s Health

Aspira Women's Health is dedicated to the discovery, development and utilization of novel high-value diagnostic and bio-analytical solutions that help physicians diagnose, treat and improve gynecologic health outcomes for women.

What We Do

We are committed to solving women's health issues for all ethnicities, stages, and ages. Our data-driven approach delivers solutions that help women take control of their gynecologic health and empowers providers to deliver optimal care. We are using our decades of experience in ovarian cancer risk assessment to develop a cutting-edge portfolio of pelvic mass products.

Photo gallery of a middle-aged black woman walking, and another meeting with your female doctor.

Our Values

  • Diligent

    We operate with integrity and precision in our health solutions, systems, and all interactions to accelerate results

  • Caring

    We act with kindness to heal those hurting in any community. We provide hope and belonging to those who need it most

  • Proactive

    We move with intentional urgency, understanding we change the trajectory of every life we touch

  • Disruptive

    We strive to upend cancer through bold innovation. We are creating a  community of those who value challenging the status quo to supersede the highest level of Women’s Health solutions

  • Inspiring

    We are never satisfied with status quo, serving as a catalyst for a different outlook on health and life. We always ask how our solutions may impact our community and inspire better health and well being

Nicole Sandford, President & Chief Executive Officer of Aspira Women's Health, discussed the importance of adoption of ovarian cancer risk assessment tests.

Advocacy Partners

Aspira Women's Health supports and proactively partners with patient advocacy organizations to increase awareness of ovarian cancer detection.