• 'photograph of Nicole Sandford

    Nicole Sandford

    CEO, President & Director

  • 'photograph of Marlene McLennan

    Marlene McLennan

    Interim Chief Financial Officer

  • 'photograph of Dr. Ryan Phan

    Dr. Ryan Phan

    Chief Scientific and Chief Operating Officer

  • 'photograph of Minh Merchant

    Minh Merchant

    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Board of Directors

  • 'photograph of Dr. Veronica G. H. Jordan

    Dr. Veronica G. H. Jordan

    Board Chair & Compensation Committee Chair

  • 'photograph of Dr. Celeste Fralick

    Dr. Celeste Fralick

    Nomination & Governance Chair

  • 'photograph of Jannie Herchuk

    Jannie Herchuk

    Audit Committee Chair

  • 'photograph of Lynn O’Connor Vos

    Lynn O’Connor Vos

    Member of Nomination & Governance and Compensation Committee

  • 'photograph of Stefanie Cavanaugh

    Stefanie Cavanaugh

    Member of Audit Committee