OvaWatchSM is a non-invasive test intended for use in assessing the risk of ovarian cancer for women with adnexal masses that have been considered indeterminate or benign by initial clinical assessment. With its superior negative predictive value, OvaWatch allows physicians to confidently choose the appropriate clinical management path for their patients.

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On September 20, 2023, Aspira Women’s Health hosted a Key Opinion Leader Webinar on Assessing Ovarian Cancer Risk with OvaWatch. If you missed our live discussion, you don’t have to miss out! Watch now to learn how OvaSuite can help give you confidence in making the right treatment decision for any patient with an adnexal mass, regardless of age or menopausal status.

The OvaWatch blood test combines the results of:

• Seven tumor biomarkers
• Age
• Menopausal status

Provides a single risk assessment score delivering a Negative Predictive Value of over 99%1

Giving you confidence in a low probability of malignancy result for both premenopausal and postmenopausal patients

OvaWatch Biomarkers

Protein/ Function chart

The OvaWatch report includes:

Example OvaWatch Report

Utilize OvaWatch in your practice to confidently develop your 
management plans.

A single blood draw – which can be performed in a healthcare provider’s offices using our proprietary testing kit or at a number of national and regional laboratories – is all that is needed.

Download Our New Clinical Study Describing Real-World Evidence Supporting The Use Of OvaWatchSM For The Clinical Management Of Adnexal Masses, Entitled:

“Validation of a Deep Neural Network-Based Algorithm Supporting Clinical Management of Adnexal Masses”

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A single blood draw – which can be performed at a number of national and regional laboratories or in a healthcare provider's offices using our proprietary testing kit – is all that is needed. 

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