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  • I have a pelvic mass. What should I do next?

    What is a pelvic mass? A pelvic mass is a relatively common health issue and, in many cases, benign. These masses may form in the cervix, uterus, colon, intestine, bladder, or ovaries. Even if it is benign, they can cause problems depending on their size and placement relative to vital organs. It’s estimated that 20%…

  • 10 Things I Want You to Know About Ovarian Cancer

    By Diane Powis, Ph.D., Chief Spokeswoman at Aspira Women's Health In 2013, I was completely blindsided with a diagnosis of Stage III ovarian cancer. At that time, my prognosis was, at best, 5 years. I am still alive today because of incredible advances in gynecological oncology. However, staying alive has required regular surgeries and aggressive…

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