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Patient Resources

Learn more about Aspira Women's Health

The Ovarian Cancer story has to change,
Aspira is passionately dedicated to making a difference.


Aspira Women's Health is focused on women’s health and caring for our patients in all stages of their lives. We believe that all patients should have access to the best testing options available. Learn more about our tests, find educational information, and resources for you in the links below.

red for OVA1®plus and Aspira GenetiXSM products.

Genetic Counseling

Based on your health insurance, please choose the appropriate link below to schedule your time to speak with a genetic counselor.


Aspira GenetiX Hereditary Cancer

Aspira GenetiX Carrier Screening

Patient Stories

Mary Lynne Patient Testimonial

Ovarian Cancer Causes

The Aspira Women's Health Promise

  • Appropriate Coverage

    We work with your insurance provider to provide the appropriate coverage allowed by your plan; your coinsurance will be applied.

  • Appeal denied claims

    In certain circumstances, we work with your insurance to appeal denied claims on your behalf to assist in claims reimbursement.

  • financial assistance program

    Uninsured and underinsured patients who meet specific financial criteria may be eligible for the Aspira Women's Health Financial Assistance Program.