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OVA1®plus is a reflex process which first performs OVA1® and then performs OVERA® if the OVA1® result is in the intermediate range. OVA1®plus has the potential to help you further stratify your patient’s risk of malignancy.

Graphic showing OVA cancer screening test results

Low Risk is <4.4 (Postmenopausal) and <5.0 (Premenopausal) Intermediate Risk is 4.4-6.0 (Postmenopausal) and 5.0-7.0 (Premenopausal) Markedly Elevated Risk is >6.0 (Postmenopausal) and >7.0 (Premenopausal)

*Internal data

Biomarkers in OVA1 & OVERA

Graphic showing Ova1 product statistics and Overa product statistics