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OVA1 Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies and Research

OVA1 (MIA) was rigorously validated to determine its effectiveness for evaluating the risk of ovarian cancer prior to surgery. The various clinical studies have shown that OVA1 (MIA) outperforms other blood tests like CA-125 and ROMA, reduces false negatives, and detects all types of ovarian cancer. Aspira Women's Health continues to work with researchers to discover how OVA1 (MIA) can improve ovarian cancer detection and outcomes for women.

Considering the high sensitivity and negative predictive value, utilization of OVA1 as a risk stratification instrument would be associated with retention of over 50% of patients with benign adnexal masses, ensure that more than 96% of retained surgical patients would not have ovarian cancer, and provide appropriate referral to a gynecologic oncologist for over 95% of patients with ovarian cancer.

– Bristow et al.12

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