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Tom Greco

Tom Greco

Senior Director of Business Development

Tom joined Aspira Women’s Health in 2018 as the Senior Director of Business Development. He has held several sales, research, and business development leadership roles throughout his career in healthcare.

Before joining Aspira Women's Health, Tom served as the Vice President of Commercial Development at Genoox, an Israel based big data/genomics organization where he led the commercial efforts to distribute their novel genetics analytical software. Before that, he held multiple roles at Natera Inc., most recently acting as one of the core members of the Business Development team, where he was a leader in the U.S. institutional sales efforts for their Constellation product, a novel genetics technology transfer for NIPT. Tom has a proven understanding of navigating large corporations such as Thomson Reuters and Medtronic and smaller companies where he led a successful start-up organization to identify and treat anti-phospholipid antibodies; blood factors which cause severe diseases related to coagulation/clotting disorders. Tom’s entire career is devoted to commercial healthcare, specifically in the areas of women’s health. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont and his M.B.A. from the University of New Haven.