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Kaile Zagger

Kaile Zagger

Chief Operating Officer

Kaile joins Aspira as the Chief Operating Officer, combining commercial sales and operations into one role. She oversees the entire provider and patient experience, from acquisition to billing. Her goal is to create a platform that scales the business and retains a customer experience that is second to none. Kaile is an accomplished industry executive with 20+ years in healthcare.

Prior to joining Aspira Women's Health, Kaile served at various Fortune 500 healthcare companies, including St. Jude Medical, Intuitive Surgical, and General Electric Healthcare. Kaile joined Aspira because of a deep passion for the company’s mission and vision. She has personally experienced the devastating nature of late-stage ovarian cancer, beginning with her mother’s diagnosis at the young age of 40 and her passing from this horrific disease at 46 in 1999. Because of this, she is fiercely committed to the prevention, early detection, and mitigation of late-stage diagnosis.

Kaile and Elena Ratner, M.D., co-founded the MAT Organization, a non-profit established to drive early detection for ovarian cancer and to eradicate late-stage diagnosis through exhaustive education in the provider community, the first approach of this kind. Kaile holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Connecticut.