Diane Powis

Diane Powis, Ph.D.

Chief Spokeswoman

Dr. Powis is an ovarian cancer patient and survivor who decides how Aspira meets, serves, and educates patients. Her clinical background and personal journey help her lead our team on patient advocacy, patient testimonials and storytelling, and the coordination and management of an ethnically diverse patient advisory board. Her involvement helps ensure that all women will benefit from Aspira’s lifesaving diagnostics through improved prevention and early detection of gynecologic cancers.

Dr. Powis is a Psychologist and Clinical Specialist affiliated with Greenwich Hospital Association, Yale New Haven. She was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer in 2013, at which time her prognosis was, at best, five years. She is acutely aware that she is alive today because of recent advances in gynecologic oncology and the fantastic work of surgeons, oncologists, and countless other health professionals who guided her through multiple surgeries, years of chemotherapy infusions, two clinical trials, and two PARP inhibitor regimens.