Hereditary Cancer Testing

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On average, 1 in 78 women will develop ovarian cancer in her lifetime.

By the time this cancer is detected, it is often at an advanced stage. This makes treatment more challenging and carries a poorer long-term prognosis. It is therefore especially important to identify individuals who may be at increased risk for ovarian cancer so screening and preventive measures can start as early as possible.

10-15% of Ovarian Cancers occur because of a genetic mutation that has been passed down within a family. Understanding a patients hereditary genetic risk can help to inform the management plan for patients with a positive test result, and determine if close family members (children, siblings, and/or parents) may also be at risk.

With a focus on women’s health, Aspira Labs offers both comprehensive and targeted genetic testing options for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian cancer to help guide medical management for your patient. Aspira GenetiX leverages whole gene sequencing technology (coding regions and adjacent intronic/splice-site regions) with >99% bases covered by at least 20x.

Red flags for hereditary cancers can include early onset of cancer before age 50, more than one primary cancer in a single person, or multiple cancers within a family.

Hereditary Ovarian Cancer

The root cause of the cancer is a harmful genetic change, or variant, that causes cells within the ovarian tissue to grow abnormally (eventually forming a tumor). About 24% of individuals with ovarian cancer inherited this harmful variant from one of their parents, meaning that their cancer is “hereditary.”

Know Your Risk

Women with a pathogenic variant have a higher chance of developing cancer, especially at a younger age. These variants can be identified through genetic testing even before cancer develops.

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OVA1plus is a reflex process which performs OVA1 and OVERA, both FDA-cleared tests for women with adnexal masses. OVA1plus helps you further stratify your patient’s risk of malignancy for women with pelvic masses planned for surgery. Benefits of this enhanced test offering include; Reducing the falsely elevated rate by up to 50%, maintaining the high rate of detection (sensitivity) for ovarian cancer risk, continuing to provide confidence in low-risk results with a high negative predictive value, and increased specificity by up to 20%.

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With a focus on women’s health, Aspira Labs® offers both comprehensive and targeted genetic testing options for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian cancer as well as Carrier Screening to help guide medical management for your patient.

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Synergy Technology Transfer

Aspira Synergy allows labs to significantly reduce the time needed to implement in-house testing solutions

Developed by a team of experts, Aspira Synergy informs medical choices for women’s health with the assistance of multi-marker proteins and state-of-the-art genetic testing for both carrier screening and hereditary cancer risk.