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ASPIRA Synergy Genetics Technology Transfer

Introducing Aspira Synergy Genetics Technology Transfer

ASPIRA Synergy is a cloud-based technology transfer solution that provides a complete solution for clinical laboratories to offer hereditary cancer and carrier screening genetic testing in house.

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Advantages of Outsourcing with Aspira Synergy

Aspira Synergy Genetics allows genetic tests to be run at scale with significantly reduced cost, time, and labor.

Developed by a team of experts, Aspira Synergy Genetics is a first in its class, custom-built technology that leverages a novel AI-based bioinformatics pipeline. This groundbreaking technology is customized to deliver simplified workflows, reduced overhead, and provides an added revenue stream for your laboratory.

Aspira Synergy Solution

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Customized & Simplified Solution

Our custom bioinformatics pipeline allows for a single NGS assay despite the industrywide difficulties in variant calling within paralogous genes (i.e. HBA1 and HBA2) and regions of high homology (i.e. SMN1 and SMN2). This reduces the need for orthogonal tests that are commonly implemented to interrogate these difficult regions. ASPIRA Women’s Health can also provide custom solutions to further elucidate paralog regions based on specific customer needs.

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