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ASPIRA Synergy Technology Transfer Overview

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What is Aspira Synergy Technology Transfer?

Aspira Synergy allows labs to significantly reduce the time needed to implement in-house testing solutions

Developed by a team of experts, Aspira Synergy informs medical choices for women’s health with the assistance of multi-marker proteins and state-of-the-art genetic testing for both carrier screening and hereditary cancer risk. 

Reduce Conception to Launch Time by Over 50% with Aspira Synergy

Aspira Synergy allows labs to reduce conception to launch time by over 50% vs. developing and implementing these complex products on your own or working with multiple vendors to complete the testing lifecycle. 

The Aspira Synergy Solution

ASPIRA Synergy Technology Transfer Build Chart

The Unique Advantages of Aspira Synergy Technology Transfer

Aspira Synergy Technology Transfer is a novel, first-in-class, custom-built technology transfer platform, providing customers the ability to: 

  • Offer products tailored to women’s health in their own laboratories 
  • Increase efficiencies in clinical testing 
  • Increase laboratory revenue 
  • Reduce costs 
  • Decrease the volume of send-out testing 
Aspira Synergy Technology Transfer Photo

Aspira Synergy Development Support

ASPIRA’s team of experts is with you every step of the way. With Aspira Synergy Technology Transfer we offer you:

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Dedicated team from beginning to end 

ASTT Full Validation Support Icon

Full validation support 

ASTT Easy to Use Systems Icon

Easy to use systems including an intuitive front-end portal with back-end custom integration 

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Customization of the product offering to suit your unique needs 

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Streamlined laboratory processes

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Personalized branding 

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